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    LiveJunkFree is helping Alexandria, Va stay clutter-free with our junk removal & hauling services. Whether you need an old mattress  removed or an entire shed we can help you get rid of junk.

    Why LiveJunkFree is Alexandria’s First Choice

    • Eco-Conscious: We prioritize the environment by ensuring the majority of the junk collected is recycled, repurposed, or responsibly disposed of, contributing to a greener Alexandria.
    • Experienced Local Team: Our experts are familiar with the Alexandria community, ensuring personalized, swift, and efficient service.
    • Over Two Decades of Trust: Our longstanding history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and making your life clutter-free.

    Our Comprehensive Services

    Residential Junk Removal

    From old furniture and appliances to yard waste and renovation debris, we handle it all, providing Alexandria residents peace of mind and a junk-free home.

    Commercial Junk Removal

    We serve various businesses across Alexandria, offering efficient junk removal, ensuring they can focus on what matters most – their business.

    Items We Handle

    A non-exhaustive list of items we manage includes Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Office items such as Sofas, Beds, Kitchen Appliances, Desks, Computers, and much more. Explore the complete list here.

    Hear From Our Satisfied Neighbors

    Alex and his colleague arrived right on time. They cleared out my storage unit in about an hour. It was a smooth and professional job. They were also very pleasant. Highly recommend.
    Cecilia Train
    Cecilia Train
    Heard about Bobby and his company through a reference when we were looking to downsize and move a 40+ office space. He delivered everything you would want; timely, responsive, professional, and a good value. Highly recommended; will use again.
    Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson
    I’ve used Live Junk Free at least five times since moving into my new home in Springfield last year. Theyve done garage clean outs, basement storage clean outs, and even tore down and hauled away an old metal shed in my yard. The crews are respectful and work hard and fast - most projects are done on minutes! Best of all is the value - the pricing is why I keep calling them to come help - I can afford it! They’re very competitive in price for the services provided. If you need junk or anything else hauled away, do yourself a favor and give them a call!
    Chris Jay
    Chris Jay
    I needed a quick removal of furniture and they were able to do same day pick up for a very reasonable price compared to other companies I called. They arrived on time and removed everything quickly and easily.
    Catherine S
    Catherine S
    Showed up as promised and went right to work clearing out 3 storage units to consolidate in one unit. Removed old items no longer needed. Great job, hard workers, very professional and friendly, Highly recommend and will definitely use again!
    M Brooks
    M Brooks

    Delivering 5 Star Service

    What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

    Helping Keep Our Planet Green

    Our junk removal process makes sure only the absolute waste is disposed of and adequately collects items that can serve a different purpose.


    First, we look for items we can donate and deliver them to our local charity partners.


    Then carefully sort those articles that can be recycled.


    Finally dispose of everything else safely and securely.

    How much does junk removal cost?

    The cost of junk removal varies widely based on several factors:

    1. Location: Costs can differ substantially depending on your geographical location. For instance, junk removal in major metropolitan areas or cities with a higher cost of living might be more expensive than in smaller towns or rural areas.
    2. Volume or Weight: Many junk removal companies charge based on the volume (how much space your junk takes up in their truck) or the weight of the junk. For example, the cost might be different if you’re disposing of a few pieces of furniture compared to an entire home cleanout.
    3. Type of Junk: Some items might carry additional disposal fees, especially items that are considered hazardous or need special handling, such as refrigerators (because of the refrigerant), tires, paint, or chemicals.
    4. Accessibility: If the junk is hard to get to (e.g., in a basement or attic) or if there are other challenges in removing it (like having to navigate tight hallways or stairs), there could be additional charges.
    5. Company: Different companies have different pricing models. Some might offer flat fees for certain services, while others might charge by the hour or by the job.
    6. Additional Services: Some companies might charge extra for services such as demolition, or for separating items for recycling or donation.
    7. Local Disposal Fees: Depending on where you live, there might be dump or landfill fees that the junk removal company has to pay. These costs are often passed on to the customer.


    To give a general ballpark for a full truckload of junk removal, prices might range from $400 to $600 or more, but this can vary widely based on the above factors. For smaller jobs, such as removing a single piece of furniture, it might be as low as $70 to $100.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    About Our Services

    Q: What areas do you serve besides Alexandria, VA?
    A: While Alexandria is our primary service area, we also extend our services to the broader Northern Virginia (NoVA) region. Contact us to check if we serve your specific location.

    Q: Can you handle larger-scale junk removal projects?
    A: Absolutely! We cater to both residential and commercial junk removal tasks, regardless of the size. From single items to full property clear-outs, our team is equipped to handle it all.

    Q: Are there items you won’t take?
    A: While we manage a wide range of items, there are certain hazardous materials we don’t handle, such as chemicals or asbestos. A detailed list of non-acceptable items can be found here.

    Eco-Friendly Initiatives

    Q: How do you ensure eco-friendly junk removal?
    A: Our commitment to the environment means we recycle, repurpose, or donate as many items as possible. Any non-recyclable items are disposed of responsibly, adhering to Alexandria’s environmental regulations.

    Q: What percentage of collected items get recycled?
    A: On average, we recycle or repurpose over 70% of the items we collect. Our goal is to minimize waste and contribute to a greener Alexandria.

    Booking and Pricing

    Q: How can I get a quote for my junk removal needs?
    A: Simply fill out our online form or give us a call. After understanding your requirements, we’ll provide a transparent, no-obligation quote.

    Q: Is there a discount for recurrent or large-scale services?
    A: We offer competitive pricing, and discounts may be available for large-scale or recurrent junk removal services. Please contact our team for specific details.

    After Service Queries

    Q: What happens to my items after they are removed?
    A: Items in good condition may be donated to local charities. Recyclable items are processed accordingly, and non-recyclable ones are disposed of responsibly.

    Q: Can I reschedule or cancel my booking?
    A: Yes, we understand plans change. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please give us a notice at least 24 hours in advance. Specific details on cancellations or rescheduling can be found in our policy section.

    Reclame space or make room for the new!

    Here’s a list of items we take but are not limited to.

    Living Room Furniture

    • Sofas/Couches
    • Recliners
    • Ottomans
    • Love Seats
    • Coffee Tables
    • End Tables
    • TV sets
    • Game Consoles
    • Bookcases

    Bedroom Furniture

    • Beds
    • Bunk Beds
    • Mattresses
    • Box Springs
    • Dressers
    • Armoires
    • Shelves
    • Desks
    • Toy Boxes
    • Cribs
    • Changing Tables

    Kitchen/Dining Room Furniture

    • Kitchen Tables/Dining Room Tables
    • Hutches
    • Sideboards
    • Chairs
    • Bar Stools
    • Kitchen Islands
    • Kitchen Appliances

    Office Furniture

    • Desks
    • Credenzas
    • Cabinets
    • Filing Cabinets/Storage Cabinets
    • Office Chairs
    • Bookcases/Bookshelves
    • Lamps
    • Computers & Monitors
    • Printers

    (571) 565-5125

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