Over flowing Dumpsters being full with garbage

On average, every United States citizen tosses about 4.4 pounds of trash per day. This is the equivalent of 728,000 tons of garbage.

Whether you plan to remove unwanted waste from your home or want to renovate your house, junk removal companies can assist you. Besides hauling away your unwanted items, they can separate the recyclable from non recyclable items and ensure that they’re disposed of properly.

Knowing how much to pay for junk removal is challenging for many home and business owners. So, here’s an overview of junk removal service cost.

What Is Junk Removal Service?

Junk removal service is where you contact an on-demand track removal company to help remove trash from your office or home space. In most cases, these companies will offer you two options for trash removal.

Truck Hauling

 If you consider this option, the trash removal company will come to your area with a truck loaded with a large dumpster. They’ll take your waste, put it in the dumpster and leave. This is an excellent option after performing renovations.

Dumpster Rental

 This is where a junk removal company provides you with your preferred dumpster size, and they come and collect it when it’s full. This is a choice to consider when planning to clear your space within a few days or weeks.

What’s The Cost Of Junk Removal?

When you seek junk removal services, they’ll not offer you an estimate or give a fixed charge while on the phone. This is because many factors influence junk removal like the materials you plan to move where you live, among others.

The amount you’ll pay for junk removal will also depend on whether you consider dumpster rental or traditional junk haul. Going by HomeGuide estimates, the average amount you’ll pay for junk removal is between $150 to $350, which can go up to $750.

The prices set by many waste removal service largely depend on the amount of space you need to fill the truck.

Factors Affecting Junk Removal Pricing

Different factors influence how much you’ll pay for your junk removal services. Here are a few you should know about.

The Volume of Waste Hauled

Most junk removal companies will charge you less when moving a small amount of waste than loading an entire truck. Many trucks used to collect junk are measured in cubic yards. Depending on the junk company you choose, you’ll pay differently based on the amount of waste you collect.

The Weight of Unwanted Wasted

While this isn’t a factor that most companies can consider, it’s usually considered for individuals who need bulk trash removal. In such cases, waste removal companies will charge per ton of their collected material.

The Time Taken To Haul Items

 Time plays a critical role when hauling items away from your home. For instance, the price you’ll pay to remove a couch from your apartment is different from what you’ll pay if you’re to remove it from a 30 story building.

Learn More About Junk Removal Service Cost

With the information provided above, you now have a better understanding of junk removal service cost. Remember that there are no definite junk removal costs as it all depends on different factors.

Want to dispose of waste from your home? Contact us today, and we can discuss pricing and see whether it’s within your budget.